Who turned Katherine into a vampire

Warning: The following summary contains major spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Proceed at your own risk!

If there’s one thing you can count on in a Vampire Diaries season finale, it’s a wild and unexpected cliffhanger. And this year’s conclusion, with a twist that might even outshine Elena

becoming a vampire, did not disappoint.

Elena body snatcher

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After Katherine was force-fed by Elena in the season four finale, Katherine discovered that she was dying. She was on her deathbed saying goodbye to her daughter when she hatched the plan. Elena came to visit and Katherine took the opportunity and used her family magic to put her spirit into Elena. Katherine’s body died and her daughter, Nadia, woke her up in Elena’s body.

Is this Elena Katherine’s daughter?

It is revealed that Elena is a Petrova doppelgänger, thus she is responsible for her

being identical to her ancestor, Katherine Pierce (née Katerina Petrova). …

They weren’t biologically related, but they both look exactly the same. Ambra traveled across the country to meet her unknown twin and her mother in person, and the entire experience was captured in a YouTube video uploaded on Monday, August 31.

Let’s break down all the important details leading up to the big reveal of Kat Pierce’s return:

Stefan, or as Kai likes to call him, Stefano (LOL), decides to take things on the hand and reveals that he will kill Cade no matter the cost.

be. Obvi, Stef

being a human now, it’s just a suicide mission, but he comes from DGAF. Basically, Stefan wants to atone for all the pain and suffering he’s caused and one way he sees that is by killing Cade (and to hell with that), since it was his fault Cade was there. Damon says, “Brother, are you CRAZY? No, just not!” But, Stefan is too determined in his ways…so

before Damon can stop the crazy Stef, Stefan injects him with vervain and then rushes off to carry out his death wish plan. Ugh, Stefan, they’re going to kill you!

Stefan then comes face to face with Cade. He is in danger, that he may kill Cade, and threatens him with his life. Cade laughs in his face

because Stefan is no match for him now that he’s human. Ahh, but he didn’t know that Stef had a plan up her sleeve: Alaric rings the

bell (the one that got him there), which weakens Cade, enough for Stefan to stab him with the dagger.

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