Angelina Jolie’s Best Friend: Who They Are

Angelina Jolie has been a household name for decades, with her iconic film roles and philanthropic work. But who is the woman behind the fame? Who is Angelina Jolie’s best friend? In this article, we will explore the people who have been close to the star throughout her career and discover who is closest to her now. From her childhood friends to more recent acquaintances, we will uncover the people who have played an important role in Jolie’s life. Read on to find out more about the people who Angelina Jolie holds close to her heart.

A Closer Look at Angelina Jolie’s Longtime Friend and Confidante

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous and recognizable faces in the world. For more than twenty years, she has been an iconic actress, director, and humanitarian. But behind the public persona is a woman with a close circle of friends and confidantes who have been with her through thick and thin.

One of those close friends is Geoffrey Kent, a British filmmaker who has known Angelina since the early 2000s. They met while working together on the set of the movie The Bone Collector, and their friendship has grown over the years.

Geoffrey has been a close confidante to Angelina, providing her with emotional and creative support. He has been a trusted friend who she can talk to about her personal life and creative projects. He has also served as a mentor, helping her to develop her filmmaking and acting skills.

In addition to being a friend and mentor, Geoffrey has also been a collaborator on many of Angelina’s movies. He directed By The Sea, which she starred in and co-wrote. He has also worked as a producer on some of her other films, such as Unbroken and First They Killed My Father.

Geoffrey’s influence on Angelina’s career is undeniable. He has been by her side through some of the most difficult times in her life and has helped her to stay focused on her work. His support and guidance have been invaluable to Angelina, and it’s clear that their friendship will continue for many years to come.

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