Why do they call him The Weeknd

Canadian pop star The Weeknd has probably heard every iteration of every possible joke about his stage name by now. After all, when you name something as common as a couple of days on a calendar, there’s bound to be some confusion if the context isn’t set that way. I mean, word processors put his name in red for about a year after his debut. So it makes sense that he would want to change it after just over a decade, as he recently hinted on Twitter.

It seems that his fans on Twitter prompted him, at least in part, to call him by his first name, Abel. And while his government name, Abel Tesfaye, would be more than useful in the search engine optimization department, he joked that he wanted to go even further, dropping his last name altogether. “You guys are hilarious,” he wrote. “I think I should change my stage name to ABEL at this point lol. Maybe I’ll take a YE and just legally change my name to ABEL. No last name. Like Madonna, Cher or Prince.

Stage names and superstars

Despite the randomness of The Weeknd’s stage name, adopting a different name in the world of entertainment is quite common Some of the main reasons an actor or singer may change their name include having a different name common or popular, avoiding confusion with another act (as The Weeknd did), and protecting the personal lives of the most famous artists who use a stage name:

The Weeknd is of Ethiopian origin and grew up in Canada

The Weeknd, aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is of Ethiopian descent According to LA Live, Tesfaye’s parents immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia in the 1980s.

The Weeknd was born and raised in Toronto, Canada a.

According to the National Post, he will be the first Canadian singer in almost two decades to headline the Super Bowl halftime show; Shania Twain starred in 2003.

Why The Weeknd Decided to Use a Stage Name

While stage names are very common in the entertainment industry, it’s also common to see people using their name legal: or some variation of it – like this. Some may wonder why The Weeknd decided to drop his own name entirely and think of something else. The answer is pretty simple: he’s just not a fan of his real name.

The reason behind choosing a stage name is pretty simple, but how about how he chose the name himself? The answer to this is also quite simple. He really liked how it sounded. On a fil Reddit in 2014, The Weeknd explained the comment on the avait choisi are nom de scène: I have quit the house when I have been around 17 years old, I have abandoned the lycée and I have convaincu Lamar de faire de même LOL. We took our mattresses from our parents, dumped them in our friends’ crappy van and left for the weekend and never came home. It was going to be the title of HOB. I hated my name at the time, so I tried it as a stage name. It sounded good. I removed the “e” because there was already a Canadian band called le week-end (copyright issues).

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