Who is the most famous dyslexic person?

Here at Smithbrook Tuition, our tutors know that everyone has their strengths and that people with dyslexia have the ability to think creatively and see the big picture.

There are many aspects of life in which dyslexia is recognized as an advantage. To celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 dyslexics.

Famous Celebrities With Dyslexia

ABC News reveals Jennifer Aniston’s 20-year battle with dyslexia. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

  • Jennifer Aniston – Actress (Source: ABC News)
  • Michael “Atters” Attree – Comedian (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Abhishek Bachchan – Actor (source: Wikipedia)
  • Robert Benton – Director (source: Wikipedia)
  • Aidan Bishop – Comedian (source: Dyslexia Association of Ireland)
  • Chaz Bono – Actor, Writer, Musician (source: Wikipedia)
  • Orlando Bloom – Actor (source: Degree in Psychology)
  • Laura Flynn Boyle – Actress (source: Wikipedia)
  • Marcus Brigsteocke – Comedian (source: Wikipedia)
  • George Burns – Actor (source: Psychology degree)
  • Stephen J. Cannell – Producer (source: Wikipedia)
  • Dave Chalk – Announcer (source: Wikipedia)
  • Georgina Chapman – Acting Rice and Designer (fu entity: Wikipedia)
  • Amy Children: television personality and model (source: Wikipedia)
  • Chris Cosentino: celebrity chef (source: Wikipedia)
  • Tom Cruise – Actor ( Source: Dyslexia Association of Ireland)
  • Clark Janell Davis – Beauty Queen (Source: Wikipedia)
  • John de Lancie – Actor (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Patrick Dempsey – Actor (source: Wikipedia)
  • Grayson Dolan – Comedian (source: Amino Apps)
  • Michael Dudikoff – Actor (source: Wikipedia)
  • Stuart Dunne – Actor ( source : Dyslexia Association of Ireland)
  • Arjan Ederveen – Actor (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Fae Ellington – Jamaican Media Personality (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Ben Fogle – TV Presenter (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Danny Glover – Actor ( source e: WebMD)
  • Tracey Gold – Actress (source: Bachelor of Psychology)
  • Whoopi Goldberg – Actress (source: WebMD)
  • Susan Hampshire – Actress (source: Dyslexia Association of Ireland)
  • Salma Hayek – Dyslexic actress (Source: Dyslexia Association of Ireland)

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the personalities most recognizable on television and suffers from dyslexia. Most people know her from The View, but her face can be seen on TV in a number of ways. Her serious and attractive personality has made her popular with people of all generations, and many people don’t realize that she also suffers from dyslexia.

Henry Winkler is one of the most recognizable actors of her generation. He can be seen on TV shows, in movies and even guest hosts talk shows from time to time. Although she suffers from dyslexia, he doesn’t let it stop him and has managed to overcome it to have a very successful career in the entertainment industry.

Jamie Oliver

Image from flickr.com

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef known for his cookbooks, cooking shows, and restaurants. He was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age. Despite his dyslexia, Jamie has used his culinary skills to become a household name.

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