Was Ariana Grande Ever Single? – A Look at Her Dating History

Ariana Grande has been one of the most successful and influential pop stars of the past decade. Her music has been a worldwide sensation, and her fans love her for her powerful voice, catchy songs, and iconic looks. But while most people are familiar with her singing career, some may be less familiar with her personal life. In particular, many people are curious about her dating history. This article will examine whether Ariana Grande has ever been single, and explore her romantic relationships throughout her life.

A Look Back at Ariana Grande’s Storied Romance Timeline

Ariana Grande is one of the most successful pop singers of the 2010s and her love life has been just as captivating. From high-profile relationships to flings, here’s a look back at Ariana Grande’s storied romance timeline.

Nathan Sykes (2013)

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes, a member of the British boy band The Wanted, first made their relationship public in September 2013. The two had recorded a duet, “Almost Is Never Enough”, for the soundtrack of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. They dated for a few months before calling it quits in December of the same year.

Jai Brooks (2013-2014)

In August 2013, Ariana Grande started dating Jai Brooks, another member of The Wanted. The pair had an on-again, off-again relationship until they finally ended things in July 2014.

Big Sean (2014-2015)

In October 2014, Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean went public about their relationship. They dated for about a year before splitting up in April 2015.

Ricky Alvarez (2015-2016)

Shortly after her split from Big Sean, Ariana Grande started dating her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez. They were together for about a year before calling it quits in July 2016.

Mac Miller (2016-2018)

In August 2016, Ariana Grande and rapper Mac Miller made their relationship official. They dated for two years before splitting in May 2018.

Pete Davidson (2018)

In May 2018, Ariana Grande and “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson began dating. They got engaged just a few weeks later but ended their relationship in October 2018.

Dalton Gomez (2020-Present)

Ariana Grande is currently in a relationship with real estate agent Dalton Gomez. They were first seen together in February 2020 and have been together since then.

Ariana Grande’s romantic life has been just as dramatic as her musical success. From her high-profile relationships to the flings, this timeline is a brief look back at Ariana Grande’s storied romance.

A Look Back at [Name]’s Love Life Through the Years

It’s no secret that [Name] has had a rather lengthy love life. The [profession] has been linked to a number of high-profile celebrities over the years, making headlines and eliciting a lot of public interest. From romances with Hollywood’s elite to whirlwind relationships, here’s a look back at [Name]’s love life through the years.

Early Years

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Relationship with [Name]

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Romances with Other Celebs

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Recent Relationship

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