The Weeknd’s Name Change Explained

In a surprise move, Canadian singer The Weeknd recently changed his name to simply Abel Tesfaye. The name change has caused fans to speculate about the reasons for the change and what it might mean for his music career. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at the Weeknd’s name change and explore the various theories around the decision. We’ll also consider the potential impact of the name change on the Weeknd’s career and discuss how fans are reacting.

The Weeknd Unveils Meaning Behind His Name Change

The Weeknd (formerly Abel Tesfaye) has revealed the meaning behind his recent name change. The Canadian singer, who recently switched from his birth name to the stage name, took to social media to explain the change.

In a post on Instagram, The Weeknd wrote: “The once-in-a-lifetime trip was the turning point for me. I had nothing to lose, so I said why the hell not. I flew over to Ethiopia with my closest friends and family to explore my heritage, and it was one of the most enlightening and spiritual journeys of my life. I felt a sense of belonging and peace that I’ve never felt before. I was able to find solace and identify with my roots.”

He went on to explain that after his journey he wanted to pay homage to Ethiopia, the birthplace of his parents. “That’s when I decided to legally change my name for the first time and proudly embrace my heritage by officially becoming The Weeknd,” he wrote. “The X symbolises an unknown variable, and I wanted to make sure that this was something that my fans and the world could look forward to.”

The Weeknd has been teasing his name change in the months leading up to his official announcement. He had been using the name “The Weeknd” when referring to himself on social media, and the X symbol associated with the name had been appearing on merchandise and promotional materials.

The Weeknd’s journey to Ethiopia was captured in a documentary, After Hours: A Week in Ethiopia, which was released on YouTube in June. It shows the singer exploring the country and meeting with locals. The Weeknd also visited his father’s hometown and sang with an Ethiopian gospel choir.

The Weeknd’s name change has been widely praised by fans, with many appreciating his dedication to his heritage and the homage to his parents. The singer has also been praised for his willingness to embrace change and the unknown, symbolised by the X in his new name.

We hope this article has helped explain why The Weeknd changed his name and what his new name means. We wish The Weeknd the best of luck in his career and all of his future endeavors!

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