Taylor Swift’s Tattoo Collection: What We Know

For over a decade, Taylor Swift has been captivating audiences with her classic music, entertaining performances, and her bold fashion choices. But, one thing the singer is less vocal about is her increasing collection of tattoos. Over the years, she has quietly added a variety of tattoos to her body. In this article, we take a look at Taylor Swift’s tattoo collection and what we know about each one.

Uncovering the Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Tattoos

Taylor Swift has been in the spotlight for the better part of a decade, and during that time fans have gotten to know the singer-songwriter not only through her music but also through her many tattoos. From delicate designs to full-on works of art, each of Swift’s tattoos carries a special meaning. Here, we uncover the significance behind some of the most popular and recognizable tattoos Swift has.

A Heart-Shaped Lock

Swift’s first tattoo was a heart-shaped lock, which she got in March 2009. She placed it on her left arm near her wrist. According to People magazine, this design was inspired by a necklace Swift wears with a locket that contains a picture of her mom and dad. The tattoo is a symbol of her love for her family.

A Dove

Swift added a dove to her collection in February 2012. The dove is located on the inside of her right arm, near her elbow. According to Vogue, the dove is a tribute to her maternal grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, who was a professional opera singer. The dove is a representation of peace, love and serenity — something Swift feels every time she thinks of her grandmother.

A Cat

Swift’s most recent tattoo is a cat, which she got in April 2018. It’s located on the inside of her left arm, near her elbow. The cat was inspired by her two beloved cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. The cat is a symbol of Swift’s love for her furry friends and a reminder of the joy and comfort they bring her.

A Fox

In October 2012, Swift added a fox to her collection. The fox is located on the inside of her right arm, near her wrist. According to Vogue, the fox is a symbol of her intelligence and cunning. Swift has said that she identifies with the fox’s quick-thinking ability and its ability to adapt to any situation.

A Heart

Swift’s most popular tattoo is a heart, which she got in December 2010. The heart is located on the inside of her right arm, near her elbow. According to People magazine, the heart is a symbol of eternal love and Swift’s commitment to her family, friends and fans. It’s also a reminder to always be kind and show compassion to those around her.

From her first tattoo to her latest, Taylor Swift’s tattoos all have a special meaning.

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