Ron Weasley Stars in Ed Sheeran’s Music Video: The Reason Why

Harry Potter fans are in for a special treat: Ron Weasley, beloved sidekick of the Boy Who Lived, is set to appear in Ed Sheeran’s latest music video. The video, titled “The Reason Why”, is Sheeran’s first music video since 2017 and marks the arrival of a collaboration between two beloved British stars. The video was released on August 1st and has already gone viral all over the world. This article will explore what makes this video so special, why Ron Weasley was tapped to star in it, and what the collaboration between Sheeran and Weasley means for the fans.

Ron Weasley Shines in the Spotlight: A Look at His Starring Role

In the world of the Harry Potter series, Ron Weasley is the loyal friend and sidekick of the titular character. He is an endearing, brave and often humorous character who has been a favorite of fans from the beginning. But in the final book and film of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron takes center stage in a way he hadn’t before.

From the start of the story, Ron is the one who believes in Harry’s mission and follows him on the quest to find and destroy the remaining horcruxes. He is also the one who stands up to Voldemort when the Dark Lord confronts Harry and the trio in the Forbidden Forest. Ron’s bravery, loyalty and friendship are integral to the success of their mission.

In the climactic Battle of Hogwarts, Ron is the one who rallies the students to fight alongside Harry, and his determination and courage are a key part of their victory. He is also instrumental in helping defeat Voldemort. Without Ron’s help, Harry would never have been able to destroy the last horcrux.

In the end, it is Ron who steps out of the shadows to take the spotlight. His bravery, loyalty and friendship are the things that ultimately save the day. He is the one who is willing to put his life on the line for his friends, and it is his determination that helps bring the story to its triumphant conclusion. Ron Weasley is a true hero, and his starring role in the final act of the series is a testament to his courage and loyalty.

Uncovering the Magic of Music Video Production: What Goes Into Making a Music Video Come To Life

Have you ever stopped to consider what goes into making a music video? From the initial concepting and storyboarding to the editing and post-production, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a music video. Whether it’s a big budget production or a low budget indie project, the same basic principles and processes apply. In this article, we’ll explore what goes into making a music video come to life.

Concepting and Storyboarding

The first step in creating a music video is concepting and storyboarding. This is when the director and artist come together to create a vision for the video. This is a creative process that requires a lot of back and forth between the artist and director. The director will create a storyboard or a series of sketches that outlines the action of the video. This gives the artist an idea of what the video will look like and allows them to make any changes or adjustments before production begins.


Once the concept and storyboard have been established, the next step is pre-production. This is when all of the logistics are taken care of, such as securing a location, hiring crew, and scheduling. During this phase, the director will create a shot list that outlines all of the shots needed for the video. This shot list will be used during the shoot to ensure that everything is captured. During pre-production, the director and artist will also discuss any special effects or other elements that will be needed for the video.

Shooting the Video

Once pre-production is complete, it’s time to shoot the video. This is where the magic really happens. The crew will work together to bring the storyboard to life. The director will call the shots and make sure that all of the necessary footage is captured. The artist will be on set to give their input and ensure that the video captures their vision. Once the shoot is complete, the footage will be sent to the editor for post-production.


The editor will take the footage from the shoot and assemble it into a finished product. This is where the music video begins to take shape. The editor will work closely with the director to create a video that matches the vision of the artist. During this process, they will also add any special effects or other elements that were discussed during pre-production. Once the video is finished, it will be sent to the artist for final approval.

Wrapping Up

Creating a music video is a complex and intricate process. It requires the collaboration of many different people and the hard work of everyone involved. From concepting and storyboarding to shooting and post-production, each step is essential in bringing a music video to life. The results can be magical, so the next time you watch a music video, remember all of the work that went into making it come to life.

It’s been a pleasure to discuss Ron Weasley’s starring role in Ed Sheeran’s music video. We hope it’s been as much of an enjoyable read for you as it has been for us.

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