Meet Ariana’s Best Friend: Get to Know Them

Welcome to the world of Ariana and her amazing best friend! Ariana’s best friend is an incredibly important part of her life and has been by her side through thick and thin. In this article, we’ll be getting to know Ariana’s best friend better. We’ll be exploring the history of their friendship, how they support each other in tough times, and what makes them such great friends. So buckle up and prepare to learn all about Ariana’s best friend!

Get to Know Ariana Grande’s Closest Companion: Her Best Friend

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names in the music industry, but few know the name of her best friend. That’s because Ariana has kept her closest companion close to the vest, only ever sharing glimpses of her on social media. But who is the woman behind the scenes who has been by Ariana’s side through her biggest successes and darkest moments?

The woman in question is Alexa Luria, a Long Island native and former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She and Ariana have been friends since they were 14, and Alexa has been by Ariana’s side since the very beginning of her career.

Their friendship has been an ever-present source of support for Ariana, and Alexa has been with her through some of the most difficult times of her life. She was with Ariana when the Manchester bombing happened in 2017, and when Ariana was dealing with the aftermath of the attack, Alexa was there for her. Alexa has also been a source of encouragement for Ariana, cheering her on when she released her album Sweetener and when she took the stage for her headlining performance at Coachella.

Ariana and Alexa are more than just best friends, they’re like sisters. They’ve been known to call each other “twinzies” and even have matching tattoos of the words “H2GKMO”, which stands for “Honest To God, Knock Me Out”. They’re also business partners, launching the fashion line GrandAri in 2018.

The GrandAri collection is a testament to the strong bond between Ariana and Alexa, with pieces that reflect their shared love of fashion and music. It’s no wonder that Ariana Grande’s best friend is her closest companion—their friendship is one of the strongest in the music industry.

Get to Know Ariana’s Longtime BFF!

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers in the world. She has legions of fans who love her music and her fabulous personality. But what many people may not know is that Ariana has had a close friend by her side for years. Her name is Alexa Luria, and she is Ariana’s longtime best friend.

Alexa Luria is a 25-year-old fashion designer and model. She was born in Los Angeles and grew up in a close-knit family with her parents and two sisters. She attended the University of Southern California, where she studied fashion design.

Alexa and Ariana have been friends since their teens. They met at a summer camp in Florida in 2008, and since then, their friendship has grown stronger. They have been through many ups and downs together, including Ariana’s rise to fame and Alexa’s struggles with anxiety and depression.

Alexa has been an invaluable support for Ariana throughout their years of friendship. She has been a source of comfort, love, and laughter for the singer. Alexa is also a frequent presence at Ariana’s concerts, where she can be seen singing and dancing along with her best friend.

In addition to being a supportive friend, Alexa is also an accomplished fashion designer. She has been a part of the fashion industry since an early age. Her designs are influenced by her love of vintage clothing and her passion for making people feel beautiful.

Ariana and Alexa’s friendship has been an inspiration to many of their fans. Their bond is a reminder that true friendship can last a lifetime. If you want to get to know Ariana’s best friend, follow Alexa on Instagram and check out her fabulous fashion designs.

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