How many tattoos does Ariana Grande have?

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Ariana Grande has amassed her fair share of tattoos. The singer got her first ink from her in 2012 and has gotten over 50 ink drawings since then!

Tons that act as heartfelt tributes (like the one paying homage to the Manchester bombing victims) and others that are just plain fun to look at (like her three Harry Potter-inspired tattoos), she’s got a few designs from pretty significant tattoos. , and she continues to reveal more. Although fans love to see her intricate tattoos, the singer made the decision to hide her body art for her wedding to Dalton Gomez in May 2021.

Ariana Grande has a lot of tattoos on her hands

Many of Ariana Grande’s smaller tattoos are visible on her hands.

The singer got the word “honeymoon” tattooed on one of her fingers, probably a reference to her song “Honeymoon Avenue.” She also has the Hebrew letters aleph, lamed and daled on her fingers.

Heart on Toe

Grande’s heart on her toe was the first tattoo she received in 2012. She got it tattooed while recording a duet with 8Sky for their album, Yours Truly. The song never made it to the album, but fans believe the song “Tattooed Heart” represents the tattoo. Documenting the tattoo process in a YouTube video, Grande wrote: “This year has been one of the happiest and most enlightening for me and I felt like doing something special to remember that time… Writing my first album, working with my I cast mates and best friends for winning, being young, having fun and being surrounded by love… so… I wanted to do something permanent to remember to always be grateful and never take anything for granted so… I have a little tattoo.

Grande’s next tattoo came in 2014 when she painted “Mille Tendresse,” French for “a thousand cutenesses,” on the back of her neck.The phrase comes from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which starred Audrey Hepburn, which Grande says is one of her favorite movies of all time

Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo:

Ariana Grande has multiple tattoos on fingers that have meaning definitive and personal for the singer. The word honeymoon is etched in cursive on the middle finger of her right hand. This tattoo references her favorite song “Honeymoon Avenue” by Yours Truly released in 2013. She got tattooed during “The Honeymoon Tour” which started in 2015 in the early months and ended in October of the same year.

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