Ariana Grande’s Ex Boyfriends: A Complete List

Ariana Grande is a well-known pop star and actress, known for her successful music career, her charitable work, and her high-profile relationships. Over the years, Grande has had a number of romances, some of which have been quite public. Here, we take a look at all of Grande’s ex-boyfriends and relationships, from her high school sweetheart to her most recent beau. Read on for a complete list of Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriends.

A Look Back at Ariana Grande’s Romances Through the Years

Ariana Grande has been one of the most talked about celebrities of the last decade, but what has often drawn attention is her romantic history. From Mac Miller to Pete Davidson and even Ricky Alvarez, Ariana has had an impressive list of partners throughout the years. Let’s take a look back at the singers romances and the stories behind them.

Ariana first began dating Mac Miller in 2016, shortly after her split from Jai Brooks and the two were together for two years. Before they split, they had collaborated on music and had even moved in together, making it clear they were serious. Their split was amicable, but Miller’s death in 2018 left Ariana heartbroken.

In 2018, Ariana began dating Pete Davidson. The pair had a whirlwind romance and within a few months, they were engaged. They moved in together, got tattoos, and even adopted a pet pig, but the relationship didn’t last. In October 2018, they called off their engagement and split up.

The singer then dated Ricky Alvarez, one of her dancers, from 2015 to 2016. The relationship was kept quiet and it wasn’t until after they had split that fans realized they had been together. The two had been spotted out at dinner and even on holiday together, and it is believed that their split was peaceful.

Most recently, Ariana has been linked to Dalton Gomez. The couple have kept their relationship relatively quiet, but they have been seen out together on multiple occasions and even adopted a dog together. They are believed to have been together since January 2020 and they appear to be quite serious.

Ariana Grande has certainly had an impressive list of partners over the years. From long-term relationships to short-lived flings, the singer has left her mark on the romantic world. And while some of her romances have ended sadly, there is no doubt that she is happier than ever with Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande’s Dating History: A Look Back at Her Former Partners

Ariana Grande has been in the public eye since she was a teenager and as a result, her love life has always been subject to speculation. From her high school sweetheart to her recent engagement, here is a look at Ariana Grande’s dating history.

Graham Phillips (2008-2011)

Ariana Grande’s first relationship was with actor and fellow Nickelodeon star Graham Phillips. The two first met in the cast of the Broadway musical 13 and began dating in 2008. They were together for three years before calling it quits in 2011.

Jai Brooks (2012-2013)

Ariana Grande’s second relationship was with fellow YouTube star Jai Brooks. The two first started dating in 2012 and were together for one year before breaking up in 2013.

Nathan Sykes (2013)

Ariana Grande’s third relationship was with British singer Nathan Sykes. The two started dating in August 2013 and quickly became one of the most talked about couples in the music industry. However, their romance was short-lived as they broke up in late 2013.

Big Sean (2014-2015)

Ariana Grande’s fourth relationship was with rapper Big Sean. The two started dating in August 2014 and were together for one year before breaking up in April 2015.

Ricky Alvarez (2015-2016)

Ariana Grande’s fifth relationship was with her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez. The two first started dating in 2015 and were together for one year before calling it quits in 2016.

Mac Miller (2016-2018)

Ariana Grande’s sixth relationship was with rapper Mac Miller. The two started dating in August 2016 and were together until early 2018.

Pete Davidson (2018-2019)

Ariana Grande’s seventh and most recent relationship was with fellow Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. The two started dating in May 2018 and were together for a few months before getting engaged in June 2018. However, the engagement was short-lived as the two called it off in October 2018.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriends! It’s always interesting to look back and reflect on past relationships, especially of those in the public eye. Goodbye, and thank you for reading!

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