Are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift still friends

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have been two of the best friends in the music industry for the past decade. In fact, it’s been roughly exactly a decade since the two first met and worked together in 2012. Today, Swift hopped on a new version of Sheeran’s “The Joker And The Queen,” and the song and video they have the two pop stars pondering. in their decade-long friendship.

Sheeran shared the video and wrote about Swift, as well as how the stars of the new video also played Swift and Sheeran in Swift’s “Everything Changed” visual at the time. He wrote: “Taylor and I met and wrote + recorded our first song together in 2012, ten years ago. I’m so honored to have him on this song. Not only is he the best singer/songwriter in the world, but he’s also a friend.” very close, im so lucky to have her in my life. For the music video we had the kids from our song Everything Has Changed all grown up and now off to college! I hope you like the song and video and have a excellent week x.

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Official video for Ed Sheeran: The Joker And The Queen (feat. Taylor Swift)

The official video for Ed Sheeran’s new song “The Joker And The Queen” ( feat. Taylor Rapide).

Sheeran has confirmed that highly speculated BRIT Awards collaboration Ed Sheeran has released a video for his remake of ‘The Joker And The Queen’ starring Taylor Swift. Swift covers the second verse, adding her own lyric: “I’ve been played before if you hadn’t guessed / So I kept my cards close to my surefire vest / But you called my bluff and saw through all the messages / And then you got in everything and we left together”.

Swift and Sheeran’s friendship includes multiple collaborations

Sheeran and Swift have been friends since 2012 after Sheeran discovered the ‘Love Story’ singer was a fan of his music. Sheeran met Swift’s manager in Nashville, which led to the two singer-songwriters collaborating.

The duo wrote a few songs together back then. But only two have been released so far: “Everything Has Changed,” from Swift’s 2012 album Red; and “Run,” which debuted last year on Red (Taylor’s Version).

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