According to our statistics many iMac/Apple users have their Safari web browser cookies disabled that prevents a birth data used in Lunar Cycles Fertility Calendar and other services to be stored and processed correctly.

To check this navigate to Safari-> Preferences...

...and switch to Privacy tab

If Block cookies is set to Always, your birth data will not be transferred to our automatic service and generated report or calendar cannot be calculated correctly.
You have two options to fix the problem: allow the cookies in your web browser or use a manual order processing.
  1. In first case select Block cookies From third parties and advertisers or Never.
  2. Otherwise you have to send your birth data to us by e-mail and we will process your order manually.

You always may check if cookies from out website are allowed by your browser by pressing a Details button on Privacy tab.

If you don't see a word Cookies beneath line, the cookies in your Safari are blocked and our automatic services won't work normally in the case.