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Posted by: Admin Mar 14 2015, 02:33 PM

QUOTE (Shana)
I want to use my saved preferences (my personal birth date info, etc.) to populate the table below, however, when I select the "User" from the Ayanamsa drop down menu, a window pops up saying, "User Ayanamsa unavailable. Select another one."
I guess I'm just not sure what the table means, or how to understand it, analyze it, etc.
If you could provide some information on how to read this table, specifically what the Sid Time is and Moon Age, that would be great.

To learn how to use the Planet Ephemerides you have to study Astrology (Western or Hindu).
User Ayanamsa has nothing to do with your personal data like birth date. If you don't know what ayanamsa is, you have no way to use it.
Planet Ephemerides don't use any personal data.
If you don't know astrology, the only way for you to use those data are ready reports (readings) like or

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